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I feel so much better, and better about myself, when I get t

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I feel so much better, and better about myself, when I get to the gym. 2 or 3 miles on the treadmill, and I feel awesome. So why is it hard to get the motivation to go every morning??

Sep 12

I think it is just difficult to make change and start a new habit. It is for me. And I love the treadmill!! My fave
Maybe if u make a daily schedule and pencil it in? Get a friend to go with you or meet u there? Treat yourself at the end of the week maybe with Starbucks frappucino!!! At end of month with ???? Self talk that u are doing awesome and getting healthy! Hugs

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Sep 12

Would a different time of day make a difference or a workout buddy?

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Sep 12

I'm the same way. I like going to the gym, it's just a matter of actually getting there. I keep a gym bag in my car with workout clothes and my swimsuit and towel because sometimes I'm out and about and I think, "I should go to the gym. Oh wait, I don't have my stuff." Now when that thought comes around, I have no excuse not to go and I find I'm more willing to go since I'm already out of the house.


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