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I am 5 foot one inch and weigh 240 lbs. Don't know how this

I am 5 foot one inch and weigh 240 lbs. Don't know how this happened, I have always been thin. I guess quitting smoking, starting fattening meds, and middle age metabolism hit. But still, I am huge. I get depressed when I see my reflection. I dont have any full length mirrors in my house. I am on a diet, so far so good, but I want to binge all the time.

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Dec 6

@Jdavis5933 I just ate a bowl of bran flakes. I feel full. I really want to be a success this time. I have that trip next November to the virgin Islands and I want to shrink a good bit. I'm tired of being so heavy on my feet. I think I can do it.

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Dec 9

@Sarah1109 I'm sorry if I came off too aggressive. That was never my intention. My only concern is that you came here to get support and I don't want this little bump in the road to derail you from that.

I want you to get the support you came here to get.

Once you've been on here awhile, you'll see that you don't fibe with everyone. When that happens you just move on to the next person. Don't worry about this. Lots of people come and go and you will find people you Vibe with and that's the goal.


Dec 9

@Jdavis5933 Thanks


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