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Hi there. Today, I prayed all the way to work about my addi

Hi there.
Today, I prayed all the way to work about my addiction. Food. I am 37 years old and an emotional eater. I recently managed to loose 16kgs but after going through an emotional time picked up 9 again. I feel so disappointed in myself. I am getting married in 10 months and the way I am now I am not going to fit into my beautiful dress.

I just lost control of everything. Went back to my old eating habits, not doing anything physical.
My question is, how do I beat this addiction? Food is an addiction to me. I feel like a failure. Over eating is ruining my life. But is struggle to stop. Advice would be appreciated.

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Aug 10

@SuZQ154 Hi there. Thank you for your response, I really appreciate it. I am still struggling but things are going better than a month or two ago. Have a little more control but sadly not enough to be able to lose weight.
I got on the scale again and I was up another kg. I am feeling a little lost. I will investigate and see if we have Counselling as such here in South Africa.

Aug 14

Thinking about you today. How is life going right now? Have you found a counselor or a support group?
Hoping and praying you are having better recovery. Hugs to you!

bfrankjr's picture
Aug 14

yolandie1981 It sounds like you know what to do to keep your weight down, but you're just going through a bad patch right now. You need to find out what is making you feel the way you think. What are those triggers and try not to pull on them so you can get back on track? You are not alone. We all need help need to find your path.


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