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Hello everyone I'm Ana and is my first time in this forum.


Hello everyone I'm Ana and is my first time in this forum.
I had to start taking antidepressants 4 years ago. In that time I was 58/60 kilos and I never had any problems with weight gain.
After 2 years on fluoxetine with clomipramine I put on 25 extra kilos.
I stopped with 2 years ago but I'm not losing weight even though I eat very little. Much less then when I was 60 kilos and even so I don't lose any weight and in fact If I try to eat normal like I use to eat before I put on more weight.
I even tried low carbs diet however seems like I start to have symptoms of low blood sugar after don't eat carbs for some hours so I have no idea what to do to lose weight.
Has anyone here similar experience?
Love :)

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Jun 18, 2017

That sounds exactly like what I was going through up until a few years ago. I ate next to nothing but was still the heaviest I'd ever been. Come to find out, not eating enough is the worst thing you can do if you want to lose weight. Your body thinks it is in a time of scarcity, so it slows your metabolism way down to prepare you for "survival."

I will tell you, diets don't work. You have to make permanent changes to your lifestyle in order to see any results. I used an app called "MyFitnessPal" and that really helped me. It helps you see when you're eating too much, but also when you're not eating enough. After you put in everything you ate that day, the app also gives you a projection of how much you'll weigh in five weeks if every day you ate like that. I found it to be a great motivator. As my body adjusted to eating enough, I did gain weight before I started losing it, but I kept on and I've lost over 40 lbs over two years.

Jun 18, 2017

@AnaLeigh thanks for your advice. I'm going to download this app. I'm happy you were able to lose the weight. Love. Ana :)


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