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The other day my famliy and I had gone on a hike through Bea

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The other day my famliy and I had gone on a hike through Bear Lake Trail in the Rocky Mountains National Park in Estes Park, Colorado. It was really beautiful. But this is not the reason why I am typing.

Right before we had gone on the trail, we had taken my uncle to an urgency care facility because his back was really killing him and it almost was making him immobile. I had decided to go in to use the restroom and when I came out of it, I had seen a scale in one of the exam rooms. I decided to hop on to see how much I weighed.

It said that I weighed 313lbs. The last time that I had actually weighed I had weighed 325lbs. So, I lost 12lbs while being up here in the mountains.

My aunt told me that high altitude helps people lose weight because the altitude keeps their heart rates increased in the fat burning zone because it's working harder to deal with the fact that the air here has less CO2.

I also read a study she showed me that said 20 obese males who were instructed to not really change anything about their lifestyles or food intake while up in the mountains lost weight even though they didn't exercise or change the way they ate. The article only talks about males but I'm proof that females also get affected while out in high altitude. I've only been here for 2 weeks and I've already lost 12 pounds.

My aunt said that when we get home, I will feel like I have more energy because high altitude causes the body to make more red blood sells for oxygen, and this will cause me to have more energy. I also read from the article that I will attach that once the men left the high altitude and went back to their low altitude life, they maintained their weight loss and also had the same effects as they did when they were up in the mountains: their appetites were satiated by their meals more than before. It doesn't say how long but I advise people to come to Colorado or some high altitude place for at least a week and share their experience. I might be making more trips to Colorado.

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Jun 18, 2017

So glad that this helped you feel better. xo

Jun 18, 2017

LOL.. well with that I should be thin ! I live on a hill side ( the towns people call it a mountain .. but it's really a large hill on top of other hills. But it's high elevation. It reeks havoc with my hearing as my ears are always plugged . More so now with the cpap machine.

But glad you're doing well :)

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Jun 27

Ha Ha! I live in Colorado and have never heard about this. I do know that athletes come to train in Colorado and high altitude locations because it is supposed to be a harder workout, which increases their lung capacity. Congrats on the weight loss, but you had you weighed yourself in a while? Maybe you have been doing better than you thought all along! Keep up the good work! I have lost 16 lb. since mid-April and think I finally have things worked out. I hope the same for you!


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