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I have been trying to schedule my mother for over a week wit

I have been trying to schedule my mother for over a week with memorial Sloan Kettering but the nurse won’t call me back. Time is of the essence. I don’t know what to do.

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17 hours ago

Crytal The web site not just for CAR-T. It for all kinds of lymphoma. Its very active group has a lot of members gone thru CAR-T. They have very stong members know a lot about lymphoma. I talk to one mumber for years & did sent one report to them one time. They reply back to me & said they were a dotor. They said my local doctor was given me wrong information . They had experance in my DX erea.
I did get second opionon & my friend on line was wright. (second opionon came from MSKCC). I never known the other person on line was a doctor & been talkling for years. We still talk on line mostly PM.
they become good friends over the years but never meant in person. Theirs a lot of members have very good information .
This group can give you most support all around with all kinds information NHL. The web page is Just post a new thread with your question you my have . They also should be able to help you with questions show to how use the web page. Just post thread if you have question how to use the web page. If you decide to join let me know your on line name & i will reply back to you. We then could send each of us PM to each other. Yes we can send PM on this web page but I have hard time explanning how to use the PM to you. The other webpage ( )someone will be able to explain better to you how to use PM then I could if you need help.( i am not very good explainning how to use PM.) I wish this group was bigger &we had more help to help each other out.

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17 hours ago

Crystal I think you doing wright getting biopsy done frist . This i would do. If your mom thinking about CAR-T yes get second opionon. I myself would get second opionon at Dana farber in Boston MASS. If I did decide to do CAR-T & Bosston & NY,NY agree I would stay at MSKCC. You would haven gotten the best cancer centers opionon speacilly CAR-T from Boston. (Dana Farber). Were both us live close to Boston Mass & NY,NYget second opionon from .

2 hours ago

I went to Dana Farber in 1998 for a second opinion, and then to Sloan for a third opinion. Dana Farber has nice housing for long stays for the caregiver and patient. If you go to there website, you can take a tour. Looking back, I wish I did my transplants in Boston versus NYC. the setting for the housing once your discharged from the hospital is really in a nice spot.

Hope everyone is well!



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