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I have been trying to schedule my mother for over a week wit

I have been trying to schedule my mother for over a week with memorial Sloan Kettering but the nurse won’t call me back. Time is of the essence. I don’t know what to do.

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Feb 21

Crystal Irish Wright make sure you take so e time for yourself. Do what make you liking doing . This very important for you to take off for yourself if you don't most likely you burn out won't & be any good for your mom.

Feb 21

Irish we will meet up for sure We make place were all of use Crystal her mom ,you , &myself.
I myself can meet that reasonable. I myself just have a lot to think about what ,when or how next move.
It will come together I don't know how but it will work out for the best.
It been great help wonderful other people on S&G.
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Feb 22

Thank you so much Irish and DLA. I’m glad we will be able to all meet :)


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