Hi. I was diagnosed with Tcell rich Bcell NHL at the end of


Hi. I was diagnosed with Tcell rich Bcell NHL at the end of June of this year. Have completed 3 rounds of RCHOP so far with 3 more to go. After that we are moving forward to a SET. Just here to kinda chat with others maybe who have been there or are going through it.

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Sep 19

Dreamscomtrux3 ....it sounds like your doing ok, and your body is responding to treatment really well...good luck with your pet scan and your next cycle of chemo....

I did r/chop way back in 2002 and had 9 yrs remission...i was treated for fnhl.

Keep the faith


Sep 20

Dreamscomtrux3 I hope you scan goes well for you. You sound like everything goimg well . That's great news keep us up dated how you are doing.

Sep 20

Thank you all. I will admit the longer we go with treatments the more tired and such but compared to most stories of chemo side affects i have read or heard i am very blessed to not have many.


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