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Hello there, I am new to this NHL support group. I have bee

Hello there, I am new to this NHL support group. I have been diagnosed with Burkitt, B-cell NHL in May. I've been going through chemo since then but this week will be my last since the last PetScan and bone marrow biopsy shows no trace of cancer anymore, praise be to God! Anymore here has a similar type of NHL?

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Sep 12

Valdo ....welcome, and great news about your scans! ...I have NHL , but not Burkitt B-cell...I have Diffuse large B cell lymphoma ...hopefully someone with your similiar type will chime in ....

Good luck,


Sep 13

Welcome to the group! I don't have same kind NHL but do know people do have same as you do! If you in trusted I can gave you information were you talk one one .I am wright know on my way to hospital when I get back I can gave you information. Again welcome to this group where here to help you with support ! Ask as many questions you like &we will try answer best as we can.

Sep 24

Valdo how are you doing with your Burkitt B cell lymphoma? Have you started TX yet? All us thinking of you .


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