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Had chemo last week.....got up this morning with a 101 temp!

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Had chemo last week.....got up this morning with a 101 temp!! Called the cancer center and they put me on a 5 day antibiotic! Hope this is normal with taking chemo! They didn’t sound as stressed as I am!!

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19 hours ago

Hope everyone is doing well!! I am doing great! I go in Thursday and Friday for treatment #4! Had labs drawn last week and I produced a whole unit of blood!! Pretty exciting! Sure dread the treatment cause it will kick my butt for a week but after I will probably start feeling better.....that is how it was last time!! Just wanted to check with you all! It was 115 degrees here yesterday and the day before! 107 today!! Hope you all are doing good!! God bless you all!

16 hours ago

Your getting there. Mostly you will feel same after TX my be tried little more but that normal to happen. Looking at overall picture 2 more TX left then you be on your way to recovery. Do you have any plans after TX done over with? Good luck Thursday & Friday.

Irishfighter's picture
9 hours ago

Good Luck BIllyRobbins !
Prayers coming your way..
I hope your A/C is working down in the Lone Star state!
I've worked in TX many times over the yrs ..
I love Rudys bbq up off of I-10 in S.A. ...

Best of luck and hang tough!



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