Here's my self memo since I'm insomniac and itching from spe

Here's my self memo since I'm insomniac and itching from spending again.
It's kind of stressful to recover from the fact that I could easily spend my disposable income because I'm just treating myself. If I'm given a chance with no financial limits, I'd most probably hop on the front line buying all the goods I just want to horde my closet with.
I'm trying hard to be financially responsible this time. Been constantly reminding myself that being financially responsible is a habit, being financially irresponsible is a habit as well. Retiring early from my career and taking up a lighter workload in my later years would be much desirable and that's a much better place to be in over dwelling in this never ending hole of shopping addiction and regrets.

Feb 27

I’m a recovering shopping addict and it remain difficult after all this time. I find things I’ve bought and forgotten about still to this day and now I can visualize dollar signs as I look at the crap I bought and now have no need.


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