Does anyone have any advice on how to leave a relationship w

Does anyone have any advice on how to leave a relationship with a narcissist. I finally feel like I'm ready after years of emotional abuse, lies, and the discarding me for a new supply then coming back with the love bombing. I have always gave him multiple chances due to us having a child together, but now I'm ready to be done. I have tried a couple times breaking up with him but he's really good at controlling the situation and basically blackmailing me into is staying together. The times we've broken up in the past we had a custody placement set but now that we are together we don't go by that anymore but whenever obtrusive to break up with him he'll at the last minute say he won't watch our daughter then when I have to work or if he knows I have things planned in the future with our daughter he'll say well that technically would be my day and I won't let you have her if we aren't together. Also when I try to break up with him he'll get very angry and say comments to me that I would be better off 6 feet under and that I'm a waste of space, etc..

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17 hours ago

aro77 don't take that crap. Stick to the parenting plan/agreement to a T... whether you are with him or not. Start separating yourself from this ****.

9 hours ago

@aro777 Have you tried to retain a lawyer and pursue an eviction? What about possibly waiting until lease is up and moving?


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