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November 19th, 2020


Hi, im new here, Ive been dealing with HOCD for 6 months now


Hi, im new here, Ive been dealing with HOCD for 6 months now. The problem is that most sufferers have intrusive thoughts along with groinal responses. I dont seem to have any intrusive thoughts or images or doubts like I used to, but I started to have strong groinal responses whenever I see a same sex person, even though I never "tested" for arousal. But now it is there and it drives me crazy. Is that normal? Maybe it is linked to anxiety or the thoughts I used to have? Please respond if you can.

Nov 22

I would say it's not that uncommon. I have similar feeling though I've had this for much longer. You might have some thoughts you don't recognize as thoughts in the immediate lead up to the feeling.


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