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November 19th, 2020


i got out of my bad situation almost 5 months ago. I live in

i got out of my bad situation almost 5 months ago. I live in a new place and have almost gotten rid of all of the things that remind me of him, but sometimes I still have nightmares about him breaking in and moving his things back. It feels like I'm being haunted and sometimes I fantasize about punching him with all my weight. I'm glad i handled it and got myself safe again but I don't think im coping very well. I still drink too much, i still sleep all the time or not at all, i still barely eat, and sometimes i'm so lonely that i want to bring men around to hurt my feelings just so i can feel something. i just wanna stop doing bad things to myself and start sleeping well again.

anyway after i finally fall asleep and wake up, i'll be okay again. but heck.

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Nov 23

You left him, now you are healing, some of your coping techniques are less than healthy, but as you heal you can work on them. Hugs!


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