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December 3rd, 2020


Feeling absolutely invisible and overlooked. Yes I know I ha

Feeling absolutely invisible and overlooked. Yes I know I have to be patient. Yes I know it comes when you least expect it. Yes I know I need to think positive and ask the universe but it just doesn’t seem fair that I have been so unlucky in love. I’m a good person. I’m not unattractive. I’m just never enough for anyone to actually pay attention to. It’s starting to take a toll. Dating was hard enough now add covid and it’s impossible. Reallllly starting to freak out that I won’t find my person. And it breaks my heart.

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Nov 21

@Savvygirl83 yes. Makes sense. I know that when I focus on it too much I freak out more. When I just focus on all of the good , or What I have and what I can control, I feel better. One of the things that I was thinking that I could do was travel to meet people. So I bought a van to convert into a tiny home on wheels. Still working on it and don’t feel hundred percent comfortable going places because of this Covid thing. But it’s in progress. So I think about that as an option.
So what can you do to give yourself some opportunities to meet people going forward?
I was also thinking about going to the gym soon. Just meeting people is a good start. Make some friendships, see what happens.
I’m trying to get myself to put up a profile for online dating but it’s giving me anxiety. I feel like it’s dangerous. And it’s so easy to get rejected. I don’t want that.


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