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December 3rd, 2020


Tonight, made a new enemy over a pet fee when the person is

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Tonight, made a new enemy over a pet fee when the person is getting a free stay from charity.

I find that this individual is staying for 2 months not paying a dime. But just recently has been spotting walking around with a dog. I didn't push it, and i left it alone. But they come through my front door with a big cage and i said, "tonight i have to respond", i am fine with people who have dogs but whenever it comes to responsibilities they never seem to be there.

I had an AC cord eaten by a dog.
I had a mattress, flooring, all bed sheets, and towels thrown out.
I have people who steal, cheat, lie, and it makes no sense to me how some people can lie and say "i am already paying for it", when they really aren't paying for it.

Anyway, i am going to put a tennis ball in my mouth and shut down all the nonsense my ears bleeded for so many suffering people. I had encounter enough explanation, makes me want to get a stick and just hit people on the head with it from now on. •_•

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Nov 23

That sucks!

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Nov 23

@CKBlossom yep, bjt it's one less person to pick up after doggie dodo from the floor


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