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December 3rd, 2020


Sometimes I feel like I’ll never go back to normal, that I


Sometimes I feel like I’ll never go back to normal, that I’ll never go back to developing crushes on girls the way I used to and I’ll be stuck in this phase of being obsessively worried about my sexual orientation forever. I was doing in-person exposure today, and I still got thoughts of me being attracted to other males more than I would’ve liked to. But I know that ERP is a long, painful process that I’ve just begun the hardest part of. It’s either this or ignoring the problem of this anxiety, which sure might lead to be avoiding some stressful situations but in the long run will only contribute to my misery. This road is painful too, but if I continue up it long enough, I will eventually feel rewarded.

CKBlossom's picture
Nov 23

So proud of you, therapy takes a lot of strength. Don't discount how strong you are!


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