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November 19th, 2020


Hi I am currently two weeks pregnant but I am having bleedin

Hi I am currently two weeks pregnant but I am having bleeding for almost 2 days now I went to the hospital yesterday they told me my hormone levels are low but I am still pregnant but they cannot find no baby I’ve been seeing blood clots But I’m not in a lot of pain what this means can you please help me

Nov 21

Call over to the hospital and ask to speak to a nurse, if you went to the ER then of course call there. Explain that you were a patient there on the daye you were there. Tell them you have questions about you visit there and need to talk with the nurse or Dr about it. See if you can leave your name and number for them to call you back. When they call you back explain that you really arent sure what to think so you need clarification.

Nov 22

Ok Thank you

Nov 23

Hi. I had low harmonies too. I agreed to hormone shots.... risk to ones own organs and unbelievable weight gain. Ask them for that maybe,?


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