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For four days I think I had a nervous breakdown it was from


For four days I think I had a nervous breakdown it was from all the stress, anxiety and depression concerning my unhappy marriage..I had trouble sleeping and didn't feel much like eating or doing anything at all ..I just stayed in bed and cried my heart out because I have been feeling so heartbroken

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Oct 21

@APOR2017 We had a disagreement over doing some housework..And then we didn't speak to each other for 3 days until last Friday after my husband came home.He decided to leave and stayed at a hotel for one night..Now we are talking, but don't think things will ever change in our marriage so have decided to see a counselor just for myself.

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Oct 21

@sara600 maybe do something together and open up to him in your most vulnerable state. Men sometimes are not good with emotions and they just don't get it. Remember that Emotional abuse is also a thing so if he is not fulfilling you emotionally then let him know and exhaust all options before you call it quits. Really sorry you feeling this way and you not yourself.

Oct 22

I'm sorry you're having such a difficult time with your husband. I'm glad you're getting individual counseling. I guess marital counseling would help too. I hope the following might be helpful too. It's using Nonviolent Communication to solve marital problems. The workshop leader took on the challenge of solving a married couple's 39 year fight in 20 minutes, and succeeded! This is a 7-minute and humorous youtube. He scrupulously uses NVC's version of "I observe, I feel, I need, I request".


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