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This is my first post, so hello everyone! Long back story s

This is my first post, so hello everyone! Long back story short-I had 5 miscarriages in 21 months before finally having my son almost 6 years ago. I was content with our 1 miracle baby but a surprise pregnancy in Sept 2019 (also ended in miscarriage) made hubby and I want to try again. We tried for 3 months after the miscarriage, then he deployed (navy) in Jan. And just got home in July. Here's where I need advice:
I typically have a 31-32 day cycle.
My last period began July 5.
Got positive OPK cycle day 15.
Blood pregnancy test on cd 24 was negative.
Had very light pink spotting on toilet tissue on cd 25 I think might have been implantation bleeding (blood test may have been too soon)
No more spotting until today, cd 28. Had super light pink blood on toilet tissue this morning. Then red blood enough to drip in toilet this evening around 6:30pm. Went to bathroom again around 10:30 and no blood on panty liner or when I wiped.
I'm driving myself crazy wondering if it's implantation bleeding or my period starting early or pre-period spotting. With all the miscarriages and my 1 full term pregnancy, I never had implantation bleeding. I also never spot more than 1 or 2 days before my period and it I don't spot every cycle. My cycles are consistently 31-32 days.

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Aug 4

If the test said no, I would think no. Have you two considered other means to having baby #2, surrogacy or perhaps adoption?


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