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Today, I breath, No... In this moment I breath, and I can br

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Today, I breath, No... In this moment I breath, and I can breath and it doesn't hurt so much. in this moment, in a second it could change, the pain could return to swallow me whole, but in this moment. I can breath, and as long as I can do that. I can exist. Even if I take up to much space, or time, or energy, even if I am to much and feel to much. I am allowed. even if I don't knows feel it, even if I can't ever say it out loud. even if I can't believe it fully. I am allowed to breath, and exist and be okay in this moment. and I LIVE for these small moments. and I will continue to live for these small moments, in the hopes that one day. I can believe that they will be more than moments strung together on a thin string I protect more closely then my scared heart, or fragile skin, or to big feelings.


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