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It is 3:08 am Friday Night/ Saturday Morning. I feel like M

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It is 3:08 am Friday Night/ Saturday Morning. I feel like Mourning for a life in the past I am almost 47 years old. I have not accomplished much or perhaps I feel I have not accomplished much. I "Should" have more by now. There are the "Shoulds" the "Coulds" and the "Woulds" we tell ourselves that serve no real purpose but to make us feel like **** and give us self guilt. Firstly, there are many decisions that I made that I was proud of that did not break my character or compromise my values. If I became a success because of those compromising decisions I would surely be more miserable than I am right now. But right here right now is where I am. I have to hold myself accountable for the good and the bad choices I have made. I need to become the hero of my own personal story instead of blaming circumstances (and others)that did not go my way. I should have more money, I would of been better of if I did... "X". I could of Done "Y". But here I am at "Z" I accept "Z" but Z is not the End of my journey. It is just a letter of the Alphabet. I can always start fresh. and with the knowledge and heartbreak of the past I am ARMED with the decisions. When you lose in life. There is always lessons to be learned. If you don't learn the Lesson and you Quit! only then do you truly lose... Don't quit. You're Worth it!

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May 25

I believe we are entirely too hard on ourselves and overlook our accomplishments. I have gotten into this awful rut for the past few years thinking my life is a horrible disaster. Yes my experience with my Narc was awful but it completely made me overlook every single thing I have ever done in my life. I also blame Social Media for this and have bagged it. It's hard not to compare where you are in life with other people who are constantly selling their story.


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