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I was doing pretty well on my medication for a while and the

I was doing pretty well on my medication for a while and then I missed a dose and then another dose and now I have been taking them close to never. I cannot ever remember to take them and when I do or I set reminders I just do not feel like it because I do not care in that moment. In the past I did really well with both taking them with someone and doing things like "if I take them for x days I will buy myself x". But right now I have no one to take them with and I have absolutely no money to motivate myself to get something for me. Also sometimes I cannot take them because they are poisoned. Any ideas? My issue isn't really remembering to take them, more as it is having a reason to do it. I of course know I need them and they help the voices and all the logical things but that really does not work for me.

Mar 27

I'm sorry you're in this downward spiral. It's tricky, isn't it? You have to want to take them, but you can't want to take them unless you've taken them to be in a positive enough mood?? Well, I can think of one tiny thing - do you like or trust your meds doctor? If so, can you tell them that this is what is happening right now?

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Apr 3

Ask your doctor if an injection is possible with your medication. For a long time i was on the haldol injection, every two weeks i would get it. Also another one i was on, Invega Susstena. I did ok on that one for about 8 years, now i take Vraylar every morning by mouth.


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