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i pass a week without the person i most love and trust becau

i pass a week without the person i most love and trust because i hurt him so much with cheating and lies for 4 years im horrible all that time i made pain and all the times i said i was going to change days later even months i back to the same im a f idk why im doing this to him i wont going to pass another day alone with my parents who are mad with me for every word i spoke for every thing that i dont do perfect for everything i do in my life.

i will commit suicide today with some strong pills some days before i was do it with four paracetamol today with ibuprofeno, the paracetamol give me some days later a really hurtful
tachycardia for more than 5 hours i wish if i took so many pills i will finally die and stop bother anyone.

Mar 26

Have you been diagnosed with anything? You could have a disorder of some kind that would explain why you have had compulsive behaviors. You should get yourself checked out by a psychiatrist.


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