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i feel like dying i dont anyone will ever stay with me or be

i feel like dying i dont anyone will ever stay with me or be my friend because i just a f negative person i mean i dont want to but i cant stop have thougs about all the bad things i made in my life and all the pain i have wont stop hurting me even if is a problem for some years ago i still feel horrible and guilty because even if i learn that a lot of things i do are bad like cheating laught from others destroy their personal lifes i just cant stop doing that when more depressed i feel more pain i want to make sometimes it makes me happy do it but its wrong is really wrong so i cry until i faint i just want this thing stop i want to move from this ****** life i make and have a new one or just finally be brave and commit suicide with some strong pills

Mar 27

Hi. I'm sorry you're feeling so depressed and guilt-ridden. How are you doing today?


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