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My wife had an affair eight years ago that we “dealt with,


My wife had an affair eight years ago that we “dealt with,” but never fully healed from. In October I realized she had spent the past year in three additional relationships—one of which was a full-on emotional and physical affair.

I am devastated and uncertain as to whether I can process this and move forward. I am so deeply hurt, feel abandoned, and am disgusted. She wants to stay together and get help with ‘’love addiction,” but I cannot envision being in a place of true reconciliation. We have 5 children, three of whom are still at home.

My heart is broken and my mind is constantly racing. I do not want to fail my children, but I feel dead inside, and numb (when I am not calm enough to weep).

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Jan 14

These are new. Just *disclosed.

Jan 14

Truly awful. She has issues. She needs to see a therapist and obviously fix herself.
Sounds like your kids are mostly grown so you could seriously consider leaving. I just don’t see how you could ever trust someone like that again who has repeatedly lied to you for years.

Jan 17

I am so sorry for what you are going through. When she had the affair eight years ago did you both see a counselor? If not it is probably why history repeated itself. Think of an affair like a plane crash, and counseling like the NTSB finding out what caused the crash. If you put the plane back together without knowing what caused the crash, it will probably crash again. with an affair if you don't know what caused her to look for intimacy outside of the marriage, it will probably happen again. Do you have a counselor you can see? if not then here is a number for an organization that can offer some free counseling advise, and refer you to professionals in your area 1-855-382-5433. Also here are some references to help you with the Broken Vows. .I hope this information helps, prayers my friend.


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