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Feeling low today. Wondering when there will be a day where

Feeling low today. Wondering when there will be a day where I don’t cry. I’m still having difficulty even grasping the reality of the situation as it was completely unexpected. I just can’t wrap my head around how someone who supposedly loved me unconditionally and vowed their life to me could do something so horrendous. How does she not feel guilty? How come I’m the only one hurting? She refuses to communicate with me/my family or see me/my family. I think it’s because she feels guilty and knows what she did was so very wrong. Idk. I’m just venting and upset.

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Dec 3

I asked myself the exact same questions, felt exactly the same way. Look up Jocko Willink on Youtube, he has a video about betrayal, it opened my eyes and i listen to it when my mind starts to wander.

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Dec 3

I cried for two years. Then I thought I was done and a few weeks ago I heard a song one the radio and here came the tears again. I don't think you'll ever stop crying but I will say for sure that you will cry less and less as time goes on. She does feel guilty. She is hurting. She's just dealing with it in a very different way than you.


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