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i was talking to a guy but it wasn't gonna work out since i

i was talking to a guy but it wasn't gonna work out since i am in New jersey he is in New york and doesn't come to Jersey often and does age gap relationships work?

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luna1994's picture
Dec 4

@jjoe00 yeah and i was graduating before him didn't think long distance would work

AmazedByU86's picture
Dec 8

In the end if you both want it to work out it can. I started a relationship with a guy in England. I am in Florida. We started as friends, and then decided to just see where it went. 3.5 years later we are doing great and still long distance.It works for us. We travel back and forth on my breaks from school (I'm a teacher) and we go see the world together.

As far as age gaps go, yes they can work. Depends on the people and maturity level...and if you have things in common. I have friends who are 10 years apart, I was in a marriage with a guy 10 years older than myself for almost 5 years (he messed that one up), and I have a friend who married a guy who was 30 years older. It's all down to whatever the 2 of you want. No one else. Good luck!

luna1994's picture
Dec 8

@AmazedByU86 well I understand age gap relationships can work but i am just not ready for that right now i was scared my parents would not be ok with me dating someone that much older.


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