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I'm thinking about getting into a gay relationship but I hav

I'm thinking about getting into a gay relationship but I have never been in one before, I am not out and just kind recently accepted I'm bi after years of denial. I don't want my family knowing I'm bi but I don't want whom I'm with to think I'm ashamed of them. I know I should be proud of who I am but I just don't want my family knowing yet. Also I don't know how to be in a gay relationship... Just feeling a little lost on how to proceed with it all.

Nov 10

Babe, as long as you're clear with bae about WHY you're not ready to tell the family yet, and that this is your first gay relationship, your partner should be able to respect your position and choices. As long as bae respects your lack of experience and your reservations about how to open up to the family, they will be patient for you.

Besides, I think it's dumb that we have to make a big announcement when "coming out of the closet" - I just admitted to it when the subject came up during dinner with some distant relatives.
Them - "So you in a relationship?"
Me - "nah, not anymore"
Them - "oh no sorry to hear that, was he a *****?"
"Nah, SHE just wanted to get serious, and I wasn't ready."

At your own pace, dont let ANYBODY rush you.

Nov 15

Thank you, I'll keep your advice close at hand. And I'll be sure to explain everything to him and focus on building a


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