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I have never been pregnant and probably never will be, I am

I have never been pregnant and probably never will be, I am 34 my chances of getting a family are slim to none

Oct 11

I am very sorry this is your circumstances. I won't tell you it's going to get easier or that family is as you define it...cause those are BS comments that people have made to me over the years. It's traumatic and painful and overwhelming to find out that the "normal" thing - to have kids - is never going to be your reality. I'm with you. And it sucks. I'm sure you've exhausted your options? The only thing that has helped us if finding other ways to share our love with the world; we're uber volunteers now. It fills a void and gives us purpose. But I still wonder all the time, why not me? Wouldn't I make a good Mom? Sending much empathy and positive vibes as possible across the internet <3

Oct 12

Thanks appreciate it....I may consider adoption later on idk though


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