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My mother recently wanted to get my twin tested for ADHD by

My mother recently wanted to get my twin tested for ADHD by a psychologists so she decided that I might as well get tested too and they ended up diagnosing me with dysthymia and I don’t know how to accept it, i think it makes sense with how I’ve been feeling lately but I don’t want to be that kid who tries to fit his diagnosis or justifies everything with it. This box is asking me how I feel so. I guess I just feel meh or nothing most of the time, when I’m around friends it’s easier to smile and laugh but away from them I can’t seem to find joy in anything. On top of everything my mother is getting my twin an ADHD coach but completely ignoring getting treatment for me and just tells me to meditate because depression is “just the body tell you to be active”. I’ve never voluntarily joined a group or sought help but I guess there’s a first for everything. How do you cope with it when you feel like crying but you can’t cry? What do you do when you remember something painful that you want to forget? How do I move on?

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Sep 11

I didn't mean necessarily that you would need to do the treatments on your own. I was thinking if you did the research and found something that would help you, I wonder if your mom would hear you and maybe you would be able to go?

Sep 19

@Round3 I talked with her and I got a therapist who really listens and tries to help, I’ve unloaded some really tough things with her and last time I broke down in the office but I think I’ll start doing better, it feels good to talk to someone about my issues, thank you for suggesting I talk to my mom about it

19 hours ago

Hello Christensen, welcome to the SG Depression group. You will find that this is a safe place where you can share your thoughts, struggles and breakthroughs without judgement. Continue to post and you will find other members who are confronting their problems. We are here to listen, offer encouragement, comfort and support one another. I hope you find what you are looking for at this site.


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