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Hey. I have a question. if my parents provoke me to be mad a


Hey. I have a question. if my parents provoke me to be mad at them and i yell or disrepect them. And they hit me. is that okay for them to hit me?????

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Aug 14

No it is not.


No it isn't ok under any circumstances. Even of you are acting like a wild animal towards them it still isn't ok for them to hit you, however, if they need to protect you from yourself such as causing injury to yourself they may have to restrain you temporarily or if you are being combative with them 8n a physical manner then they need to protect themselves by either restraining you or them putting a barrier between you and them such as a locked door or large object to keep from being injured themselves. Everyone has the right and should take precautions to protect themselves so if they try to hit you then if your able to move out of the way quick enough maybe get to another room lock the door. You can also use words at the same time such as ...DO NOT hit me or try to hit me, stay away from me if your going to hit me.

Aug 14

I do try but my mom is srong so i usally lose


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