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It's been a long time since i've posted. I think mostly bec

It's been a long time since i've posted. I think mostly because it felt as though reading everyone's pain knowing how much pain they were in caused me to hit a road block in my healing. Even today reading posts i have a hard time. I have moved out of our house and don't know if i will ever go back. I feel i was the only one working on fixing whatever it is that went wrong while he put in a half hearted effort. I got sick of waiting for the same answer for two years. We have talked more in the last few months about his affair than we did when he first got caught. It's raw and painful sometimes and can put me in a tail spin but I know that it has to be said. I've said some not so nice things, mostly to try to hurt him. I feel bad after saying them but find that i cannot control myself. Somone on here said a while ago, that nothing well change until you leave. He was right. I do not know what my future holds...that makes me sad and happy.

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Jul 24

@Lsoozer i wonder those same things and I also have issues with reading posts on here. But I also gain a lot of insight and have been directed to a lot of helpful resources - books, websites, etc. so it makes it worth it for me.

Jul 25

@PatMill which is the biggest reason i moved out. 2 f'n years and you don't know why....

Aug 7

@Heather4781 I agree and i have too. This is a wonderful place to gain insight and honestly as painful as it is reading others stories, it's comforting to know, i'm not overthinking, overreacting or just loosing my mind.


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