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Feeling lost. My Grandpa just passed recently and being the


Feeling lost. My Grandpa just passed recently and being the only living relative it's been very difficult especially after losing my Mom a little over a year ago and I'm so inundated with what's got to be done. My sister handled everything for my Mom as she was living with her at the time in another sate. My biggest problem is all of his equipment that he had. I have an Inogen One G3 that only has a little over 800 hours for a 2 year period that's apparently considered low hours...I don't really know. What I do know is that I would love for it to go to someone who needs it. I know he paid almost $3,000 for it and the newer ones run around the same. It has a total of 3 single batteries, a regular charger, car charger and comes in a briefcase made for the POC's (personal oxygen concentrator). These same units are still running around $2500 and the batteries alone are over $250 a piece...all I need to have everything completed with his estate is only $800 to finish paying the funeral home so if ANYONE knows of anyone that is in need of one I'd be happy to send some pictures of it. I'd appreciate it if you could spread the word. I can ship it anywhere and I'll even pay for the shipping. So please if you know of anyone that may be interested please let them know this is available. Bless you all!

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Jun 17

I would call a local hospice to see if they could use it or direct you to a person or organization that could use it. So sorry for your loss!


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