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I’m struggling really bad today. I found out 6 months ago

I’m struggling really bad today. I found out 6 months ago about my husbands 3 affairs. One was a few months long, the second was 4 months and the third lasted 3 years with a co-worker. The third one is the most devastating to me. We have been married for 14 years, how does a man go and have sex with someone for 3 years straight and come home to his wife and say I love you? He was home every night so I was floored when I found this out. He told me on the weekends he was going to the gym to workout and then go have sex with her every weekend. I am beyond traumatized. All the affairs have been cut off. I have zero trust in him. The 3 year affair ended over a year ago, but it feel like it happened yesterday. He wants to work on our marriage for the kids. How do you move past this and work on marriage with all this devastation? I’m not sure if I’m willing to move forward with him. Is anyone else going through this?

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@Kas1966 thank you,I’m trying hard just to stay neutral for the kids sake.


@outoftheblue72 yes it really is!! By far this is def the worst feeling I’ve ever experience.


@devastatedinptbo thank you so much for the article, books and the support.


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