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I think my wife rekindled her affair with a man at her job.

I think my wife rekindled her affair with a man at her job. They work at a prison so catching them is almost impossible. The only way I found out is he called when she was in the shower. She says nothing is going on, but she's erasing phone calls and acting suspicious. I love her too much to leave but this pain is too much to bare.

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May 17, 2019

@Hurt1501 - They work together in a prison? Correctional facilities are very strict about fraternizing among the staff, they take that kind of stuff very seriously.

If she's still working at the same place with the same guy you caught her with, there's a good chance the affair is still going on. One of the first rules after DDAY is cutting off all contact with the AP, so if it's possible, she should be looking to find a new job.

Unless you can't avoid it, I wouldn't recommend leaving the marital home, if you have kids that can be seen as abandonment. What kind of consequences has she suffered after you caught them? Is the OM married? Have you exposed her? Have you guys talked about counseling?

If you haven't already, You might consider consulting an attorney to discuss your options.

I'm sorry you find yourself here brother, but if your wife is not trying to help you heal, still working at the same place and your gut is telling you she's rekindled the affair, you need to protect yourself and your kids. You have to stay 10 steps ahead of her. Sending strength and prayers your way!

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May 17, 2019

@Hurt1501 Tell her she either comes clean or you two will separate. Unfortunately they need to be hit hard with consequences to wake up. If you separate and she goes her own way then there was nothing you could do anyway and you wouldn’t want her or her drama. Sorry man.

Jun 1

I am dealing with the exact situation. I've found plenty of things. I think they are doing it during work hours.


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