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My parents have insisted I take 7 capsules of multivitamins

My parents have insisted I take 7 capsules of multivitamins a day to combat my mental illness. I stopped taking them, much to their chagrin but I am very angry at them and physically ill from the effects of the multivitamins. I need to escape them but I have no money because I am just a broke college student.

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May 19, 2019

@Emersonlovesyou, This has to be a super difficult situation to be living in. I'm wondering if there are any local shelters in your area you could stay at until you get back on your feet? I know how hard times like these can be, hopefully you can find an outlet that will help you if nothing else at least feel safe from the unhealthy toxicity that's surrounding you in this given moment. Feel free to keep me posted, I'll try to do some research of shelters that may be able to provide. This isn't going to last forever, together we can get through this! Sending multitudes of hugs your way.

Jun 2

@BlackLily Thank you for you kind concern. I am currently still living with them but I am looking into moving in with a friend if things get worse. In the past I have contacted hotline after hotline and looked into going to a shelter in my area, but I'm very scared and I want to be able to go to school, so I think staying at home is best for now. Again thanks for your concern.

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Jun 3

@Emersonlovesyou You're welcome and you've gotta do what's best for you. Whatever you choose, I'm behind you 100%! Take care. :)


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