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I’m trying to be fine, just broke up with my Narc boyfrien


I’m trying to be fine, just broke up with my Narc boyfriend on Friday and am hurting really bad. He was a manipulator in every way, he would call me crazy and accuse me of things I never did. Whenever I point out things he did, like cheating or flirting, he gets angry, accuses me of snooping, calls me all sorts of names like crazy and stupid and go on to ignore me for days, which i’ll later end up calling him to apologize for accusing him even though I had all the fact. He always accused me of being the problem and made my mum and aunts believe same, I tried to make them see reasons with me but they were blinded by his pretense. I made the decision to leave the toxic relationship on Friday, I blocked him everywhere and I noticed he also blocked me everywhere the next day, the thing is I miss him so much, but deep down I know am better off without him but how do I stop myself from hurting. I feel so miserable, I haven’t been able to eat, I can’t sleep, am no longer cheerful, I look like a ghost of myself, and the most painful part is I have no one to pour my heart to, I need help,

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LovePeace's picture
Apr 17

I know how you feel, but it's the best thing you did for yourself. Do not allow anyone to tall you that you are crazy, stupid or else, you are not, you just started to notice all the bad he did and you just wanted respect. The truth is that you are never going to get respect from him because he doesn't know how to and doesn't want to give it. It is going to be hard, but I am lasting 17 days now after the break up and I can tell you I had some numb and sad moments but it's getting better every day. Give yourself a break, it will be better you will get stronger I promise you!

Apr 17

If you have to, write out an actual list of the things he did that upset you. Keep yourself busy. Find some new activities to do. Welcome to the group.

NamelessShe's picture
Apr 17

How are things going today? Try not to stress too much about not being fine. It’s ok. This is probably going to take some time. You can do this.


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