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I feel like my anal area gets more itchy then my vaginal are

I feel like my anal area gets more itchy then my vaginal area and it’s driving me absolutely nuts!!! Like will it ever stop? Some days I go without itching but then I’ll just get itchy.. I got diagnosed 9 months ago.. some days are better then others, and some days completely suck ***!

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Mar 16

@advicewelcome1 In my experience, it isn't as harsh as Monistat and it helps with the symptoms quicker.

Mar 16

@lyssababy4 eat a lot of probiotics; yogurt, kimchi, sauerkraut. When my yeast infection got really bad I even made a mixture of honey and plain organic yogurt and applied it to my private area! Felt kind of funny but it really helped with the itchy.

Mar 17

Personally Ive noticed the itchiness is tied to my diet as well. Drinking plenty of water helps A LOT. I started drinking almost a gallon of water a day due to training and its really helped my body fight against the virus.


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