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He's hung up on me today, put the phone down and talked to h


He's hung up on me today, put the phone down and talked to his friend, probably stopped by his ex's house, blamed me for his need to sneak and talk to his ex, claimed he wasn't meeting up with her or sexting her (gas meet light), jumped down my throat at any instance he could get (contempt for me trying to hold him responsible for any of the above) completely abandoned me out of the blue tonite (it's friday night i should be with my fake fiance right?) stabbed me in the back to multiple of his flying monkeys, tried to keep me in his box (apartment) every time I talk to him about leaving, once again made his dog's needs the reason why he couldn't answer the phone, plans to come home drunk tonite if he comes home at all which is rare lately, humiliated me, put me down, used me, petrified to make a move. sucked me dry of anything so i have no power to leave him or get better. strung me along saying he was coming home all day, which he still hasn't. i gave notice on the apartment today and have 20 days to pack up and be homeless now since trying to get him to participate in this relationship isn't occurring unless it's on his time when HE feels like it. oh and it's my birthday in 5 days but he could care less. yep, i feel very low today after all this. VERY low and abandoned.

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Jan 12

Then dont abandon yourself. The real questionbis not whether this person is toxic or not, the real question is, why are your standards so low that you keep sticking around someone who has shown you who they are? Thank the heavens you arent married yet. Sell that ring and get a hotel until you can manage to find shelter. when someone shows you who they are, believe them. Then ACCEPT them as they are, dont hope that they will change or be delusional and think that your love will change them, or that if their mental health got better they would be different.......nope. Accept people. Work on yourself, so that you stop dating people like that from now on and are able to walk away.

Jan 12

Give yourself the best birthday present ever.... freedom. No one deserves to be treated that way. You can get your life back, yourself back. Step one is to walk away from someone that makes you feel like you are not a worthy loving caring person who deserves respect and love from their partner. Happy birthday to you... your gift when you leave will be peace and freedom.


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