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Yes ...ive driven who knows how many times in my sleep but i

Yes ...ive driven who knows how many times in my sleep but in 2013 i hit a man a house bushes shrubs and kept going. No memory at all. Woke up in the hospital. W had my license suspended for a yr paid outrageous medical bills etc... I had been dealing with this for 7 yrs. I kept getting tossed between pysch and neuro..finally a sleep specialist said it was due to sleep apnea did a study. I quit breathing 53 times out of 60 in an hr...
But lately due to alot of stress im doing it again. Ill find my cpap on floor txt sent that make no sense..burners on like im tryin to cook. I had thawed 2lbs of ground beef 3 nights ago. And microwaved potatoes. Ive broke my foot in my sleep. Ive shopped. Woke up broke but my frig was over flowing! Ive fractured my kneecap in my sleep. I keep taking iff the cpap and getting up so im questioning that being the answer!

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Dec 8

did you get a second opinion on the sleep specialist's diagnosis?

Dec 10

Not yet. This just started happening again. Im calling for appoitment. I thought i had a greats night sleep last night. Woke at 6am to find all my clothes out pf laundry basket and my christmas trees was lit. My cpap was still on and i was in same position as when i fell asleep 8 hrs ago but when i turned off cpap it stated it was only on 2 hrs!! Going to call today. Ppl think im mental!


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