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Hello. I just joined this group. My trauma was repeated phys


Hello. I just joined this group. My trauma was repeated physical and emotional abuse by my husband. I’ve moved to a different state and feel much safer here but I’m having trouble getting away from my memories of the trauma. Also, I’m still afraid of him which makes no sense because he’s far away. And I have not filed for divorce yet. I was trying to find a local support group but no luck there so I joined this group. I’m looking for advice on where to start on recovery. Thanks!

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16 hours ago

I commend you!! for removing yourself from an unhealthy situation. Have you heard of DivorceCare? It’s offered nationwide so there’s a good chance there is one in your area. I met other women there who were going through the same emotions I was, some became lifetime friends, and I was given the tools I desperately! needed to start the healing process. I no longer felt so alone. I will be praying for you this week. I’m glad you are a part of this group and I’m glad you reached out. Big supportive hug!

11 hours ago

I’ve got my first appointment with a therapist on Wednesday. Hoping that she can help me.
I went to a few divorcecare meetings last year. At that time I had not yet realized that I’m afraid of divorce and I quit going and blamed my quitting on procrastination. It’s taken me so long to figure out that I need help.
Thanks so much for support. I really appreciate it.

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11 hours ago

Be kind to yourself, have nice baths get a massage di thinks that nurture your soul <3


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