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i feel very controlled by my dad. he often does things i do

i feel very controlled by my dad.
he often does things i don't like, such as watching violent shows, being rude and unkind, being unreasonable, etc., so when i find myself affected, i try to keep to myself in my room. then he gets even more upset with me, and finds more fault with me, and gets angrier with me.

I find it hard to live like that, i can't be myself without being come against unnecessarily, even by my very own father who is supposed to love and support and care for me. instead, i feel so insecure at home, like i cannot be myself, like he will find fault with me no matter what i do. it's uncomfortable for me and very oppressive... i can't be myself ><

Nov 9

You can be yourself here with the group. I'm sorry you're not happy at home with your father. : ( It's hard to live like that. I felt the same growing up.
Someday you'll have your own place and make your own way and find people to connect with that accept you for how you are and have normal secure relationships.

Nov 11

Im very sorry to hear that man, I know how you feel im in the exact same situation. Just push through and remember that it will get better and you will leave eventually.


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