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i'm 49yrs. old and still single and it sucks...….tried dat

i'm 49yrs. old and still single and it sucks...….tried dating sites and penpals with no luck
all those men want is sex and money

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hurttomanytimes's picture
Dec 30

@Single in SLC they get offended because they just want to cheat on who they are with

Jan 5

I understand your feelings because I haven’t had much luck with females. But there are some good men out there and they like you are running into the same problem

emagrace7's picture
Jan 5

Hi, I totally understand your hurt! I have been through it. It does suck. I am sorry you are going through all of the tough dating stuff. I am a lot older (I wish I could say I am wiser), but, what I have done is just backed off from dating. It was my 28 year old son who shared his wisdom with me, when he said, "Yea, Mom, I just figure that maybe I need to find out who I am, before I start dating again." I thought, "Wow, how did he get so smart?" :)


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