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i'm 49yrs. old and still single and it sucks...….tried dat

i'm 49yrs. old and still single and it sucks...….tried dating sites and penpals with no luck
all those men want is sex and money

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Oct 12

I'm 47 and every day pine for the so-called "good times" of my 20s and 30s when things were far from perfect, but still a lot better than this. Maybe the dating sites aren't the way to go. What are you main passions and interests in life? Art, theatre, hiking, etc? The bottom line is that you want to spend as much time invested in the things which bring you the most pleasure and joy as you can. You'll feel better, you'll be happier and you may meet someone who shares your interests without having to deal with the online related BS. Even if you don't meet anyone, isn't it better to spend your time truly enjoying yourself rather than becoming increasingly frustrated by the idiots you're meeting through some ridiculous dating app?

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Oct 13

rcg732 I don't get that much because of health,i don't know a lot of people so the internet is the
only way I to meet and talk to guys

Oct 19

Hi, i understand your frustrations. I just keep looking for meetups that may have possibilities.


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