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I was in a 3 year relationship where for the first time I ga

I was in a 3 year relationship where for the first time I gave 100%, he proposed to me five months ago, and 9/20, told me he wanted to be alone.... he is now in another committed relationship. He was a good man to me up until about three months ago, where he started to change. I am devastated, and hurt beyond measure

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Oct 11

I am very sorry! that will pass in time. it sounds like you may have dodged a bullet though

Oct 12

I used to fear my husband leaving for one of the women he cheated with. But now it doesn’t even bother me I know my worth now and i will be great with someone even if that is someone else.

Oct 12

Wow, that’s too bad, but good he exposed himself as a cheater when he did. The sad part is he wasted years of your life.


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