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It's been about 6 months since I miscarried. I'm coming up o

It's been about 6 months since I miscarried. I'm coming up on the due date this month and I've been finding this month to be extremely difficult for me. Have any of you by chance around the day you were supposed to give birth having phantom contractions? I dont have anyone close to me that has went through this before so I dont know who to ask and I've been dealing with all of this alone. Please help.

Oct 11

I'm so sorry for your loss. I have suffered through a miscarriage (Feb 2011 due date Aug 2011) and it is most painful. I remember my due date was difficult to get through...just brought up a lot of painful reminders of what was not meant to be. But, as time passed by it got easier. I think it's very normal and healthy to feel sorrow around your due date. As far as phantom contractions I haven't heard of that before. I don't remember feeling them myself so I probably did not. I think I would remember that. I think whatever you are feeling is just part of your grieving process. I would encourage you to reach out for support. How alone are you have a partner, friends, family, church group...anyone you can talk to about your loss...even your doctor (maybe they can point you in the right direction)? What about counseling? That could be helpful. Support groups, as well. I know there are others in your area who would love to help you walk through this with you. You are not alone and I truly believe help is on the way. I pray you will find peace and solace through your pain.

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