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Hi, I have been diagnosed a long time ago but have never had


Hi, I have been diagnosed a long time ago but have never had an outbreak.
I had sex unprotected and now I feel so bad cause I have prob infected this person, can you please help me
How do you know your contagious if you don’t have an outbreak? Is sex with herpes now always with a condom?
I am clueless

Jul 12

You don’t always know so you should always use a condom. You need to tell the other person so they can find out before they might infect someone else. I also encourage you to talk to your doctor or someone that can educate you. I don't have Herpes so I myself don’t know treatments available but until there are better options use owe it to any partner to try to protect them from getting infected. Plus, condoms also protect you from getting another STD. You may not know what the other person has and if you aren’t
Telling them, how can you be sure they are telling you what they might have?

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Jul 12

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