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Went to run few errands with my wife yesterday. Not much. A

Went to run few errands with my wife yesterday. Not much. A few stores and lunch maybe an hour total. On the way home I was so worn out out. I could not believe it. Just a short time ago I was working 10 hour days. I need to be active and busy but I can no longer do that. I am losing my mind. This chronic pain has taken so much from me in such a short time. How do you handle it?

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Jul 12

@Scat my wife knows my limitations. She always asks if I want to go back to be dropped off at home and she will go back out. But that is more work for her and trust me she has enough on her plate Also, it is summer and I want to be outside doing stuff.

GirlKitty's picture
Jul 12

I'm truly sorry for what you're going through, but thank goodness your wife understands. You are fortunate in that way.
I understand what you mean about wanting to be outside. When I was in constant pain I remember just wanting a few hours to even sit outside, but the pain was unbearable and I couldn't even tolerate sitting up. I remember the moment when I realized that my mind couldn't control my body. I know that sounds silly, but until that time if I was tired, I could tell myself to get up and get going and I could do it. And, if I had a headache but needed to get some work done, I could work through it. But once my immune system started attacking my own body, and even a sip of water caused me excruciating pain, I realized this was not something I could push through. My mind wasn't stronger than my body and that really bothered me.

Jul 14

@GirlKitty, yea it's really hard for a healthy person to know how it is to live that way. : ( Thankfully our poster's wife does understand. It's awesome to have a good spouse to help you when you're sick that way.


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