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“In Dr. Phil’s Book, “Life Strategies,” There Is A C


“In Dr. Phil’s Book, “Life Strategies,” There Is A Chapter (One Of His 9 “Life Laws”) Entitled, “Either You Get It Or You Don’t.” I Thought I’d Share This Passage From It:

“So Just As Knowledge Is Power, The Lack Of Knowledge, Or A Reliance Upon Misinformation, Is Crippling, Misleading, And Harmful. Resolve Now That You Will Gather Knowledge About How And Why You, And Those You Encounter In Life, Do What You, And They, Do. I Can Imagine No Better Starting Point For Putting This Plan Into Action For Understanding Why People Act As They Do. It Enables You To Better Understand Yourself.”

Can You Give An Example Of How Misinformation, Or Believing Something That Wasn’t True, Has Affected Your Life?......

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Jul 11

@RoBo1 Thank you, dear!......

Jul 12

That's awesome and so true.
Glad you have won your struggle, and thanks for sharing your experiences with all of us here.

Jul 12

@Ibeoif You are very welcome!......


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