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Being unemployed sucks and worse of all, applying to jobs on

Being unemployed sucks and worse of all, applying to jobs only to get a generic email or no response at all so frustrating?! This year has been somewhat sucky for me in terms of finding work?! My dream job would be to work in Human Resources, but because I don't have experience... I took an entry level job elsewhere in a field I would never want to work in (Security) and I hate talking about it, because I feel like people judge me all the time or say I shouldn't be in the place that I'm in....and I don't want too...but if I can't find work in the field that I want "What am I suppose to do"? Like, I want a better job and to be able to do more financially but I'm gonna keep applying and hope for the best!!! My security job is not at all what I wanted, and to top it off....they suspended me sonI having been working?! I'm just over the millenial jobs, I really do want better and sometimes I don't know how to get it....I guess I should keep applying and networking!!! Thanks for the support guys..I so need i

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1972Pam's picture
Jul 26

Could you get an admin job, maybe through a temp agency? I have noticed that many admin jobs sometimes assist the human resources dept. with onboarding of new employees, posting jobs, etc. Don't give up...keep applying.

Jul 31

Thanks guys.....I truly appreciate your kind words & thoughts!!!

Slimsma339's picture
Sep 5

Suggestion- stop putting your security job down- that lousy attitude must be so obvious at your work- would you get promoted from within carrying that shameful attitude? Of course not. Pretend you are proud that the place trusts you enough to protect its people and resources. Meanwhile use your off time to pair up with employment agencies to get closer to your goal as well as using Indeed and Simply Hired to get closer to your goal. Much better to have a job while looking than to be unemployed. Fix your attitude and the rest will follow


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