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Things are pretty bad lately, I started feeling depressed ag

Things are pretty bad lately, I started feeling depressed again at several occassions, especially when I need to get up from my bed, because despite my best efforts and trying various things to make my condition stably better, it became stably worse, (for those of you who don't know, my brain fog got so bad I can't focus on even the lightest movie, I managed to study a bit and passed 1 exam but it was the easiest one and I studied hard 5 days to learn 1 page; I also started sleeping for more than 12 hours, and when I don't I feel terrible); and I have very little hope left, I'm more scared that it will get even worse and that I'll become severely suicidal again...and sorry if I complain too much, I know it's hard for you too but I'm starting to feel helpless again.

Jul 11

I'm sure the exams are stressing you. The brain fog is alarming. I know what it is, I've dealt with multiple bouts of it since my stroke. This may sound very odd but have you checked your blood pressure when you are sitting down verses standing up? It is normal for it to drop when we first stand, but mine was flipping around on me. It became almost chronically low, yet normal as long as I did nothing.


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